Episode 14

Boosting Moral - Choosing Life

Is Micah Giving his All? 

Steve and Micah have a chat and Steve points out that he doesn't feel Micah is giving his all. He's not going 100%. Instead of being offended, Micah thinks on this and comes out stronger.

Leaving the Safe Place

The contestants are down to a few episodes. They are going home. Are they ready for the triggers? To inspire them they get messages from home.

  • Jim's wife doesn't want to do this without you. 
  • Micah's mom told him to choose life, and ask for forgiveness

Coach Jim Taps Out

Coach Jim lost his challenge cause it was hard. Shocking...

Micah wins the challenge and when he goes 100% he's hard to beat.

Weigh In

Jim 3.33%

Jim has dropped double digits consistently. He may tap out on challenges, but he is obviously not tapping out on following the food guidelines, and staying focused.

Micah 2.97%

Teri 2.83%

Kyle 2.77%

Kristi 2.27% (I'm sorry Kristi you are not the biggest loser)

There is one more weigh in before the finale.

Why You Need To Give Your All

If Micah didn't have the 1 lb advantage he would have gone home. So when you are exercising, or eating, you only have that time on the treadmill once.

You can't go back in time and change your workout. When you sit down to eat, you can't go back and undo your band choices.

In today's bonus tip from Bob, he mentions you need to be the best you. You can't match the person on the magazine (cause the people on the magazine don't look like that in real life). Stay focused, stay committed, and give 100%.

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