Episode 17

Erica Lugo - It is Up To You

What has Erica been up to during this pandemic?

I wake up before the kids start their homeschool and chaos begins. ⁣

I have to or my workouts won’t get done or as beneficial as I want them to be. ⁣

I bought a cheap treadmill and shoved it in a cluttered corner in the garage. ⁣

No fancies here. ⁣

Real life, unfiltered and unbothered. ⁣

I start my day with LISS Cardio.⁣

Low. Impact. Steady. State. Longer periods of time and about 40-60% of your max heart rate. Usually means long walks, light hikes or swimming. ⁣

I do this for a few reasons. ⁣

⁣Lowering my stress hormones which have taken a toll on my body and weight loss during quarantine. ⁣

HIIT is great, but it can increase your cortisol levels. (I know where I stand because I’ve taken blood hormonal testing) LISS has been shown to lower your stress hormones. ⁣

It helps burn fat. Both ways do actually. Liss however means more oxygen for your body during the workout. Did you know fat NEEDS oxygen to be broken down? More oxygen, the greater chance to burn fat. ⁣

There’s great advantages to both LISS and HIIT cardio do what works best for YOU! As of now, this works for me, I enjoy the quiet time to myself, I enjoy the faster recovery time and my body is thanking me too.

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Bikini Photos

I get it. ⁣

Sex sells ⁣

Sexiness sells ⁣

More followers, more money, more admiration. ⁣

“MORE” if that’s what you want to ultimately believe. ⁣

But just because that sells does NOT mean your body isn’t worthy. It doesn’t mean your body is LESS than someone else’s. It does NOT mean YOU are less than. ⁣

Honestly I’m tired. ⁣

This past week I have read more comments towards myself and other woman about our bodies and our confidence and worth based off how we chose to show our confidence and OUR bodies. ⁣

Let me set the record straight. ⁣

I don’t have six pack abs ⁣

I don’t have the most toned upper body ⁣

I have cellulite on my thighs ⁣

Oh and my ass doesn’t pop like I would like it too. ⁣

Instead I have loose skin from losing 150 lbs and having a baby. ⁣

Instead It’s harder for me to lose and tone because I had and beat thyroid cancer and my body doesn’t process hormones like a “normal” hormonal regulation system should. ⁣

I’m blessed with genetics that make cellulite an inevitable situation, ⁣

However that does NOT mean my value is less. That does NOT mean I’m not strong. That does NOT mean I’m not worth something. That does NOT mean I can’t help, inspire, motivate and educate. ⁣

Furthermore, just because myself and women may NOT chose to post pictures of all the above mentioned things does NOT mean we aren’t confident, happy and worthy. ⁣

⁣Let people be proud of their bodies in progress. We are all trying to be happier, stronger and better versions of ourselves and how we chose to show or acknowledge that is up to US. Not YOU. ⁣

Phew, that felt good. ⁣

So here’s a snap shot of a video from earlier on the beach in the most unflattering pose ever JUST BECAUSE!

Kevin Hart's "The Decision Audio Book" is a Great Mental Gym

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New Podcast New to Cooking

If you know you should cook more from home, but just have no clue how to do that then this is the podcast for YOU. You can come up with a ton of excuses (not enough time, it costs too much, my kids won't eat it) but we are going to create a safe place to admit, "OK, I have no idea what I'm doing in the kitchen."

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