Episode 16

Published on:

22nd May 2020

Meal Planning 101

As we are in the middle of a pandemic, we are all staying home more. I saw on the Biggest Loser website they had an article on Meal Planning for Beginners.

A few years ago I discovered a tool called Plan to Eat that makes this soooooo easy. It's called "Plan To Eat." You can use it on your computer, your iPhone or Android device. You select recipes and then the app makes your shopping list.

The Menus feature will allow you to plan an entire week, month, or more with one drag and drop.

In the software the recipes are on the left, and your calendar is on the right. You drag and drop your recipes into your calendar and the app does the rest.

Why Meal Plan?

23% of people who use the app save money on groceries (from $199 to $152)

47.4% see the time they spend on groceries go from 140 to 73 minutes

78% was less food

73% increase consumption of healthier foods

19 lbs is the average weight loss (which makes sense as you're eating healthier)

86% saw a decrease in anxiety about meals. MOM WHAT'S FOR DINNER?

46% are more meals together.

Mentioned in this Episode

Plan to Eat App start your 30 day free trial (no credit card needed) today!

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