Episode 3

Meet Steve Cook

Steve Cook's path to The Biggest Loser is vastly different from Erica Lugo's. He is 34 years old and grew up in a fitness-minded family. He said, "If I wanted to watch TV as a kid I had to do push ups during commercials," he remembers.

Steve Cook played college football and went onto competing in Mr. Olympia and served as the spokesperson for bodybuilding.com before launching his online coaching business.

Social InFluencer

With over 2.4 M Instagram followers, 1.2 million YouTube subscribers, Steve’s fitness, nutrition and lifestyle content has been viewed over half a BILLION times. 

Steve has admitted he can't imagine the anxiety that comes with a large weight loss goal. But he believes his own struggle with body image will help him relate to contestants.

Stepping into the Shoes of His Contestants

"I know what it’s like to not be happy with who I am," he told Men's Health.

He said physique competitions left him in a perpetual feast or famine mindset.

"If I wasn’t prepping my body for a show, I didn’t know how to eat," he explains. "It was either that I was weighing out my food or I was binge eating."

Back in 2017 he told Men's Health about his personal principles when it comes to training, fitness and health.

Steve's Core Values

“I always stress the importance of progressive overload – if your goal is to get stronger or bigger, you should always be working off a one-rep max for your compound lifts. So many people just go into the gym and lift whatever. Whether it’s adding more weight each week, or getting more done in a shorter period of rest time, have your set standards so you know you're getting better. I also recommend taking the time to work on your mobility and flexibility. 

For every hour you’re spending lifting in the gym, you should be doing 15-20 minutes of stretching and mobility work. I see so many guys going into the gym and neglecting that and just constantly shortening the muscles. You’ve got to dedicate time to lengthening it too. Incorporate resistance bands and then make sure you do a dynamic warm-up; it’s called a warm-up for a reason, you need to start sweating.”

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