Episode 20

Published on:

16th Oct 2020

Save Hundreds On a Smart Watch with Fittrack

With the biggest loser still in hiatus (THANKS COVID) there isn't much news on a new season I thought I'd share something I found.

FitTrack Atria Smart Watch

This is an amazing piece of technology for $99.

  • Track your ALL DAY activity
  • Track your heart rate
  • Track Your Sleep
  • There are SEVEN different Sports Modes
  • Receive calls and text messages
  • Get personalized guidance and insights based on accurate information
  • See exactly what is working and what is not with progress and history charts.
  • Seven Day Battery life

I know that this unit doesn't have the blood oxygen level monitoring that some of the latest gadgets do, but you can buy a blood level oxygen device for much less than you think. If you want something a bit more fancy with an app, that's available as well.

Even with buying that separately its less than an Apple Watch or the Latest Fitbit

When you use the link www.supportthisshow.com/fittrack you can get the Atria Fitness tracker for $99

Join us out at www.biggestloserfancast.com

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